Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Feeling smug!

I'd like to start off by saying

My house is clean! During lil knitwits nap today I decided to give the house a this going over (usually I sew!) just thought I'd let you all know, it's kinda like when people post on Facebook that they've been to the gym. So status update : house is clean! 

Now back to buisness , it's not very often I buy things online. I'm a bit scared of the internet to be honest, I'm 22 but I'm still convinced it's full of pedophiles and con artists. ( and to be honest it is) so usually if I'm going to buy something I run if by mr Knitwit because he's far more tech savvy than I am. But this time I didn't! I put in my big girl panties and bagged myself a deal. A deal on what you ask? 


Heart shaped wooden buttons! £0.45

Star shaped wooden buttons! £0.39

Small flower shaped buttons! £0.44

And small round gingham and spotted buttons! £0.39 

And the postage was free! These are all wooden buttons with cute prints on! And the buttons are large enough to be actually used as functioning/decorative buttons. I can't believe how lovely they are! 

I ordered them on the 4th of September and they came on the 20th September so the delivery time isn't to bad to say its free! If you'd like to snag your own button bargains! (Perfect for paper and stitch crafts ) you can find them on amazon and they are sold by FT-DEALS I think although there seems to be quite a few sellers! 

I should also mention that I haven't been asked to write this review by the seller. In fact they probably think I'm just another adress to ship to! I just thought I'd give my honest opinion on something I treated myself to (but if they do want to send some buttons my way, you won't hear me complaining!) 

Other than that I've been sewing up my first pair of margot pjs! From love at first stitch! Although I have had to unpick the crotch seam due to my rather large bottom (curse you mother) hopefully when it's re sewn they'll be a lil less snug! 

Seen any sewing bargins recently? 

Much love



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