Sunday, 21 September 2014

Princess Brigette

First of all I'd like to apologise if any if this post makes no sense, I woke up this morning with a neck that felt like the entire England rugby team had run up and down it, whilst tackling rhinos. I don't know if I've slept on it funny or if it's just another side effect of being an incredibly tense person but either way it hurts like the devil and I've lost my hot water bottle. 

But in the plus side I finished my first TWO! Love at first stitch projects! YAY! As promised I'm starting at the beginning and doing one original and one variation of each pattern. So without further ado here's my Brigette scarf! 

I followed the instructions to the letter and I actually think it's pretty cute, and it's a good scarf length. 

I'm actually pretty proud of the top stitching on this , it's pretty darn even! 

Now for my variation! Which I'm lovingly calling the "princess" Brigette! 

I decided I wanted to do a scalloped edged version (the inspiration came from the scalloped edge Lilou dress!) so I cut the pattern, and then found an appropriate glass to draw my scallops. (And yes that is a whiskey glass)

After all my scallops were drawn I opted to pin each scallop individually for sewing.

If anyone I'd wondering why there's a penny in with my pins it's because my grandma used to say that if you have a penny in with pins you won't prick your fingers! 

After I pinned, I started sewing! This took me much longer than I thought it would! Scallops are hard! Then before I turned it inside out I clipped all of the edges so I would get a neat edge. Then I had to get my iron out, I gave it a really good iron . And I mean a REALLY good iron! 

And yes that is my kitchen work top. I hate ironing and I feel bad if I get the board out and then don't actually iron any clothes, hence no board no guilt! 

And voila! Princess Brigette! 

Have you done any pattern variations? 

Much love 



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