Sunday, 7 September 2014

OWOP day 2

Hey it's the second day of OWOP! My Robert dress is in the wash ready in case I need it tommorrow! (It's first ever wash, pray for me people! Other wise the rest of OWOP might just be me butt naked!)

Anyway it's a little warmer today so I've opted for my Scarlett Ohara dress (gone with the wind? She makes the dress out of curtains! This is made from curtains!!)

This is how I'm wearing it! 

Dress - simplicity 4070 , and linen curtains
Belt - to bring out the skirts fullness - primark 

Shoes - primark 

Bracelet - handmade? , you know the cheap jewellery that brakes? Well I put all of the interesting bits from them onto a bracelet from Claire's accessories. And voila! Charm bracelet! 

Necklace - a jewellery party years ago - onyx (not cheap!) 

That's day two sorted!! 

I'm loving this challenge it's exciting to see how I can make the same dress look different every day! 

Much love



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