Friday, 12 September 2014

OWOP day 6 and 7

I'm a little late for OWOP day 6 ! (What I've been busy!) 

I wore my Robert version with my golf jumper (Dunlop) I promised myself I would only wear the jumper for golf but they looked far to cute together!

And today is very monochrome! 

White dress , black "funeral"  jacket (yes I have a funeral jacket don't judge!)

Black and white brogue style heels and a beige clutch! 

And we are finished! That's OWOP done with! For this year at least! Thank god my washing machine can finally rest! 

Much love




  1. Thanks so much for joining in! I think your Scarlett O'Hara dress was my fave! x

    1. I really enjoyed it! And hopefully next year I'll be a bit more confident and have some more options!
      Thanks for hosting c


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