Friday, 26 September 2014

Margot pyjamas

Today I finally finished my margot pyjamas from The tilly and the buttons book love that first stitch. I thought after making my other pyjamas from no pattern that this would be the easiest task in the entire world. however I realised something, I do not do well with rules or with steps or with being told what to do. When I made my pyjamas I had the freedom to experiment and Do what I wanted but for this I told myself I was going to use the pattern and do it properly and I think that's where my problem started. 

 The whole cutting out process went really really well although you can't really tell if this parts gone badly until you start sewing. stitching up the inside and outside legs I had no problems, I had a few problems with the crotch but that's mainly because it I inherited my mothers bottom. 

I did however have a problem when I started to make the channel for the drawstring to go through, for some reason when I folded my channel over it bobbled and didn't look right. I ended with pleats all over the place so after un picking it and lobbing off about 2 cm it finally folded over without looking like a complete mess! 

I had no problems with making the actual drawstring or with hemming the bottoms of the pyjamas. 

I won't show you a picture of me in them purely because I do not look like Tilly in hers who looks like this! 

Now the idea of using this book was to make one piece according to the original instructions and pattern and one variation of each pattern however seen as these didn't turn out, quite as nicely as I wanted them to, I think I'm going to make another version of the original pattern and then possibly do an altered version! 

I wasn't going to but then I realised that all my pyjama bottoms are starting to get a bit tatty so I might as well make myself some nice new pairs without spending any money! 

HURRAY for handmade! 

Much love 




  1. I rarely follow pattern directions anymore. Oh I read the instructions through and then pretty much do my own thing as I've learned short cuts over the years that make things much easier and faster. So as long as your projects are turning out, don't worry too much about following directions to the letter.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one that flys by the seat of my pants/pjs!
    Thanx for reading


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