Friday, 1 August 2014

Owls and Monsters

I actually managed to get a little bit of something finished today! I'd had the hats made up for ages it was just a case of stitching on a few details (which I'd already cut) and Voila!
One Monster hat! green with pompoms and a knitted tooth! And of course one eye! (this was a perfect stash buster for mismatched buttons!)
And one owl hate! This hat is awesome! Not only does it fit Little Knitwit, it fits me as well, I'm not sure if that because Lil Knitwit has a big head full of brains or whether I have a little head full of fluff? Wool? I dread to think what the inside of my head looks like if my craft drawers are anything to go by.
I have a few more of these made (well two) and I have plans to make a couple more!
Just a quick one today because I'm back of the sit on my bottom watch me some corrie and finish my knitting, whilst drinking tea and eating biscuits. Its a hard job but somebody's got to do it!
Much Love

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