Saturday, 16 August 2014

I can hear the royal ballet calling

I remember quite clearly taking ballet when I was younger. Safe to say due to my lack of elegance and grace, and my inability to walk 5 steps without it sounding like a hoard of elephants, I was fairly rubbish. To the point where one day my Mother pointed out that my sister was better at ballet when she took it, and seen as I had always considered that my sister was the only person more ungraceful than me, I quit. 
I did love the outfits though, still do. Any opportunity to wear a tutu and I'm there. I even sailed the Menai straits in a tutu once with some school friends. 
I also think that little girls in tutus are the cutest thing ever! Nothing makes me smile more than a baby in a tutu! Which is why last night (whilst watching Bridget jones) I made eight little girl tutus! 

This is only two of them.

I couldn't take more pictures because Little Knitwit asked me very nicely to come and play castles!

Which is where I'm blogging from! Yes a pop up castle! Little Knitwit was brought it by his god mother and I don't think either of us have been out if it yet! So I'm blogging from my new iPhone and using the blogger app! I'm hoping this will give me more freedom to blog when I have five minutes and I won't have to mess about getting laptop cables and procrastinating on Facebook/Pinterest/twitter! So what do you think? Can you tell the difference between laptop Frankie and phone Frankie? And how's the picture quality looking? I usually use my slr camera but I think I'll carry on using that for bigger projects and just use this for updates!

Must toodle , little Knitwit has decided that he doesn't want to read his book anymore and that a dragon is attacking the castle!

Wish me luck

Much love



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