Friday, 15 August 2014

Follow the Signs

I'm lucky that Mr Knitwits Grandad is very good at DIY and so lovely that I don't think he's said no to one of my requests yet! I've phoned him at 7 in the morning when the electric box thing has tripped (do you see why I had to call?) He made me a washing line prop and the last thing he made me was this little beauty.

I'd been hankering after a sign for my up and coming craft fair , so I batted my eyelashes and asked if he could make me a little something. He whipped this up in an afternoon, you cant really see but its got a hinged back (like a photo frame) so it stands up by its self. I couldn't stand it up for the pictures though because the glitter was still drying (couldn't resist a bit of glitter). He gave it to me with a blank front so I could decorate it myself, and I used the same owl that's on all of my packaging.
It also has all of my relevant information on it (I'm tempted to add my phone number but im not sure if I want it out there)
Etsy : KnitWitsOwls
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Pinterest : Frankie Carson
Now I have a HUGE stack of sewing to do
Much Love

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