Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lazy Knitting

Sometime you just need something mindless to knit, no pattern just row after row. Nothing complicated basically knitting without thinking.
This is what I made when I needed some mindless knitting last week,
I used the same colour change wool that I used for both of my buckle scarves, but I made this one a lot longer and just kept it straight. It turned out really pretty and I'm glad I kept it simple, the wool is so interesting that I think anything too complicated would just look silly! It was so nice to knit this, the wool knits up so easy and I felt like it took me no time at all! It was a very satisfying project.  
Apart from knitting this, I've made two hats (which need to be decorated), done some sketching and cut out a lot of aprons to sew! I'm starting to get really nervous about the craft fair I'm doing. I just hope that all goes well with it and I'm organised enough otherwise you might end up reading a alcohol fuelled blog post filled with melancholy.
Also two bouts of news have rocked the world, the first being that Robin Williams has died, I always loved Aladdin as a child and my thoughts are with his family at this time. And we have also found out that the beautiful Lauren Bacall has died, when I was younger I became infatuated with the glamour of Hollywood and she was one of my favourites, my thoughts are also with her family.
Much Love
And cherish each other

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