Thursday, 31 July 2014

Busy Little Bum Bum Bee

I'm sure to the outside world and to anybody who reads this I'm looking pretty darn lazy right now. I bet your all picturing me sat on my bottom eating biscuits, drinking tea and watching project runway marathons. Well your wrong! Sort of.
I have been sat down, I have been drinking tea and yes I might have dunked the odd biscuit or two three four packet. And project runway hasn't left my telly for a loooonnnnnng time! but its all for a good cause!
I've been working on two custom orders! (yes two!) As well as trying to prepare for this craft fair! To say I've been busy would be an under statement! Today is the first day I've found enough time to blow dry my hair after my shower, And not just leave it to dry in a bun! Which usually results in a curly mope of hair that resembles the love child of Diana Ross and Russell Brand.
Anyway it feels like its been ages since I've posted anything I've made recently! And I'm afraid you were nearly out of luck today as well! Until I remembered a painting that I started last week!
Growing up Star Wars was religion in our house, we even had the Gold Edition box set on vhs, yeah we were that good! The boy down the road only had the silver!
Any I knew that sooner or later I was going to end up doing a star wars related piece and this guy popped out at me when I was searching through one of my books. This is just the beginning phase i'm hoping that when i'm finished he's going to look really awesome, I'm hoping to go for a sort of illustration feel!
Other than that, and my custom orders (cannot wait to tell you about these! but mums the word for the moment!) I've added two new items to my Etsy shop!!!!
My voodoo Doll Plushie! - £7.50 
Blue Tit on Branch, watercolour and Ink Illustration - £8.00
Both of these items can be found on my Etsy Page (there a link on the right hand side of this page) And both come with gift wrapping as standard.
For anybody who doesn't know what the gift wrapping looks like here's one I did recently!
Much Love

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