Monday, 4 August 2014

Giving Handmade

There's a lot of different views out there in the world about giving handmade! Some people who do make things don't like giving someone something they've made because they think it feels a bit cheap.
Well I'm from completely the other camp! I love giving handmade! Last Christmas I made my niece and nephew super hero capes. They weren't perfect but I personalised each one and they were both really into superheroes at the time so it fit pretty well!
The first ever owl I made was a gift for my Momma, she has her grand children a lot, so keeping doors open means that little feet can find her quickly and easily should they need juice/wee/cuddle/food/morefood/notthatfood/theotherfood.
Although I do think its funny how he looks completely different from the owls I make now! It also meant I could put in cute personal details for her, a few strands of the wool she once crocheted me a hat out of, recycled buttons from one of Lil Knitwits baby clothes, so she could always have a little piece of the baby side of him, and the base is my first ever attempt at crocheting, its not a great piece of crochet but it makes a cracking base!
Immediately after I made my first owl I made this super squishy one for my niece (she wanted to lay claim to granny's but no matter how good the puppy dog eyes were it just wasn't happening)
I made this for Mr Knitwit as a silly little gift. I'm not gonna lie, if there was a fire I'm not sure he'd be dashing to get this out of the house , but I think he liked that I thought about him and made him something personal just for the sake of it.
This was also for Mr Knitwit just because! And well if you cant say it with Pac Man what can you say it with?
This was my biggest handmade gift ever, I made it for Mr Knitwit's 21st, and he does like it (even if he does keep reminding me it needs extending) I'ts made from all of Little Knitwit's baby grows so its a very personal item.
And then I made this for my brother in laws birthday! Its the only one I've ever made and has his bands name on it Hybrid.9.
So here's what I think! Yes give handmade, its sweet and its personal and its nice to know that someone cares enough to make something just for you! Don't think it makes you look cheap! We all know how expensive crafting stuff is!
I personally love receiving handmade stuff which I plan on covering in another post! So if a baby's on the way, dust off your knitting needles and make up some booties! Oh that reminds me I've got two babies to knit for (not mine don't panic!) So I best crack on!
Much Love
And Give Handmade!

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