Sunday, 3 August 2014

Its like train spotting only without the bit in the toilet...

It will never cease to amaze me how lenient men can be when it comes to the women in their families.
Let me give you an example:

Me and Mr Knitwit shopping in Hobbycraft/wool shop
Me - Oh that's a nice colour!
Mr Knitwit - uh
Me - I could make (insert knitted garment here)
Mr Knitwit - uh
Me - and it's half price, I think I might get it.....
Mr Knitwit - Don't you have enough wool? It's all over the house! That it no more wool until you've used some of what you've already got! You think I don't know about the five balls stashed in the bread bin?

(Incidentally we don't use our bread bin for bread, no idea why I just don't like them , so the bread bin has become a hidey hole)

Yes Mr Knitwit is very against me expanding my stash of wool/fabric until...... New Scene

Mr Knitwit Nans House
Nan - oh Frankie would you like this wool, im having a clear out and I wont use this one
Me - (whilst grinning from ear to ear) Oh yes please if your getting rid of it!
Mr Knitwit - oh isn't that a nice colour, you'll be able to make (Insert knitted item here)

Double standards! However I think I've found away around it! Im going to turn Mr Knitwits Nan into a wool mule (it's kinda like a drugs mule but a lot less risky if your going through customs!) If I want need new wool im going to get her to deliver the package! And that way Mr Knitwit wont complain. I'm so crafty.

But here's what she gave me this time! (There was no smuggling involved with this wool!)

Its one of those lovely textured wools, with a strands and then a bit and then a strand and then a bit. In white!

I usually tend to stay away from this type of wool because I can get my hair off with it a bit but this is lovely to work with!

I'm knitting it up on size 1 needles (unsure of whether they are American or English size) and I think its going to become a nice draped shawl/scarf thing. Can you tell I'm wining it? Anyway its my favourite type of knitting. Knitting for the sake of knitting!

How much do you smuggle into your house?

Much Love




  1. For me it is card making supplies, I leave them and the car and smuggle them in when the house is empty !!!

    1. Im so tempted to try card making! Probobly becuase of all the beautiful things i see you pinning! Which sort of makes you an enabler! X


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