Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I'm definitely getting into this blogging by phone malarkey, at this moment little Knitwit is eating his breakfast, so I have five minutes to blog! The only problem is I can't actually see if anyone has read it on the app, I have to go onto the laptop for that! So hello are you there? Is there anyone out there! 

But it is saving me time so I think I'll risk that I'm talking to myself! 

Anyway that's enough of me talking to myself! Here's what we as a family got done yesterday:
• little Knitwit learnt to colour white and blue
• we had a massive bag of sand delivered! 
• mr Knitwit shifted a stack of garden slabs, I ahem watched/supervised.
• I posted a parcel from my first ever etsy sale! It's been a lonnnnnnng time since I set up and I was starting to loose heart! But it's finally happened!

• I nearly finished mr knitwits birthday shopping (and yet again I'm more excited for his birthday than he is )
• mr Knitwit painted one fence panel, it was suppose to be my job but apparently I'm a 'messy' painter. 
• and I made this (notice how mr Knitwit takes care of DIY and I do the sewing) 

It's for the craft fair I'm doing and I like to think that it's something that could be used in summer or winter. I think I was inspired by all the 'frozen' things that are still floating around! (I still haven't actually seen 'frozen' yet, but my expectations are getting higher by the day. So i can't wait till it pops up on sky movies!) 

I added some bead again, I just think that beads and embroidery is such a beautiful combination, and I'm a sucker for anything sparkly.

Right I'm going to have to toodle because baby Knitwit has nearly finished his breakfast so it's clean up time at the zoo! But before I go what do we think of the embroidery hoop art thingy that's happening? Take a look on Pinterest there's loads! I think it's awesome I love the look of a peice of embroidery in a hoop! 

Much love




  1. Love the hoop embroidery !! Congrats on your Etsy sale, I am sure it is the first of many :) x x

    1. Thank you , It was a very exciting moment for me!!!


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