Thursday, 7 August 2014

It's beggining to look a lot like..... Don't even say it!

I was reliably informed today via Facebook that there is 139 days till Christmas! And that Selfridges has already opened there Christmas department! I couldn't quite believe it until I thought about all the things I need to do before Christmas. Ideally I'd like to make some more things for around the house, specifically a calendar for the boys.
I can't find the source for this image but I think its a good base for the sort of thing I want to try, my idea is to buy a large set of blocks something like this.
And to put a few blocks in each pocket every few days and sweets in the other pockets so that the boys can build it together (and yes when I say boys I do mean Little Knitwit and Mr Knitwit).
I think it'll be cute and they'll both enjoy doing it.
I try to make something for us every year, last year (or the year before?) I made these,
I brought blank stockings from Hobbycraft (I can't remember how much they were but I do remember they were very reasonably priced) and put our names on them using self adhesive felt letters. I also embellished each stocking with bits of trim and bells! I'll try and get better pictures of these when they go up in about 109 days?  
I think I might get started early on crafting this year seen as our tradition seems to be, to all come down with some horrible bug the week before Christmas. Last year it was horrible head colds, Mr Knitwit got rid of his early but me and Little Knitwit felt awful for days. Although Mr Knitwit did become poorly again on Boxing day, we were suppose to have a nice roast with family but ended up having a KFC which I collected in my onesie. We are a classy bunch!
Much love
And remember 139 days and counting!

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