Friday, 29 August 2014

How long is a scarf?

Just when one gets better, the other one comes down with something! Yes after mr knitwits bout of sickness little Knitwit has come down with a cold (which made him sick last night, I'll tell you something my washing machine hasn't had this much action in a long time) so most of my time has been spent....
1: giving sympathy and yes both boys needed it. The bigger one more so than the little one!
2: keeling the house well aired to get rid of germs, massive fail as little Knitwit now has a cold! Sometimes I think I'd be better just dousing the place in bleach!
3: catching up on crappy telly between spongebob square pants and top gear. Yes both of the boys love these shows.
4: wiping snotty noses (lil knitwits not mr knitwits)
5: knitting, in fact this has been my view pretty much all week! 

But I'm sincerely hoping that everyone will be well soon! I'm sick of Whiney men!

However I was happy when my wool dealer came for a visit bearing gifts. Mr knitwits nan had found more treasures for me and that what has been used on this scarf! 

It's super duper fluffy! But quite easy to knit with! Sometimes fluffy knits are just hard work! 

However I have reach what I call the infinity part! You no where it's not six inches long anymore but where it just doesn't seem to be growing ? No matter how many episodes of the Simpsons you continually knit through? 

I've never made a fluffy scarfs like this though, my mother has . She made it for me. There was a huge trend for fluffy scarves at my high school and I desperately wanted one. So my lovely mummy brought the wool and spent two days making me one! I lost it that week. 

I'm not sure if she's forgiven me yet ! 

Hopefully I'll have more luck with this one! 

Much love 




  1. Sorry you are cooped up with sickies, especially males of that species! They do complain most.
    Love the yarn you are knitting. Yes, how long is a scarf? I usually quit when the yarn runs out.

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm super lucky to have a lovely nan who gives me any yarn she doesn't want! But this ball just ain't quiting! I think I'm going to be sat here forever! Watching children's TV and trying to make this ball give in!!! X


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