Thursday, 14 August 2014

Buzz Off

I cant remember the last time I did any proper drawing or illustration work. In fact I think the last time I picked up one of my fine liners it was to write down a doctors appointment. But ill been asked to do some sketches so here I am. Trying to find my groove, Trying to get comfy and trying desperately to get the worlds noisiest fly out of the room. Yes that's just my luck, I wait all day to get Little Knitwit off the sleep and before I know it something else is buzzing around me! Can't win.
There's a lot more work to be done on the piece as a whole, but I'm hoping I might find some time to do some more knitting today (I've got another hat on the go!)
In other news Mr Knitwit finally upgraded my phone. So if your not already following me on pinterest and twitter, get on it! And prepare yourself for a heck load of tweets and pins! I'm also now on instagram, and although the stupid technology wont let me add a button you can find me at knitwitsowls! On instagram you can expect adorable pictures of little Knitwit and adorable pictures of owls! Like this one!
According to little Knitwit they are mummy's babies and they are having a snuggle!
Right I'm off the brutally murder the worlds loudest fly.
Much Love


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