Friday, 22 August 2014

And then I saw the baboons bottom....

Today's post is not craft related, (pauses for audible gasps of shock) today I thought I'd change things up a bit and tell you about our family excursion!

We went to Knowsley Safari park! It was mine and little knitwits first time at a safari park, much to mr knitwits disgust (the man didn't grow up with a messy box growing up but apparently my safari park virginity was shocking) anyway here's what I thought. From a travelling perspective the park was well sign posted and easy to get to. When we got there we got through the gate easily, we had pre booked online so got a nice lil discount and little Knitwit was free! We started off buy driving through the park which was really nice, and because it's a private road little Knitwit got to drive! 

And we got to see a lot if animals! 

And then we got to my favourite bit! The monkey enclosure there's two driving options the car friendly route (which I would recommend if you drive a car that has every been on to top gear cool wall ie. a porche) this route keeps your car and the monkeys separate. 

And then there's the other route where the monkeys can basically destroy your car! They climb all over which is great fun and little Knitwit thought it was hilarious! Luckily we only lost the back wiper 
blade, however we did see a car being towed away! 

After the drive we went to see the other attractions they have rides but little Knitwit was too little. However we did cost the bug room, see the giraffes and go into the bat cave ( the bat cave is a must as the bats fly a lot lower than at other places).

We also saw the sea lion show , which was long enough to be worth waiting for but short enough that little Knitwit didn't get grumpy. And we all found it entertaining! Sadly I got no pictures from this point as my phone had died! 

I packed us a picnic so I'm not sure what the foods like but the gift shop was awesome! Look what I got! 

I have a stuffed animal obsession (laugh all you want but I'm not ashamed!) and little Knitwit got a puzzle! 

As far as days out go this gets a big thumbs up in my book! It's easy to find your way around and there's stuff there for adults and children! My only quibble would be with the toilets, they weren't opening 10 minutes of saving private Ryan bad but they weren't the ritz either. I can be a bit pedantic about weeing  though so maybe it's just me. And we did visit later on so it could have just been as a result of the days foot traffic! 

But all in all a great family day out!

Have you ever visted Knowsley? Or somewhere else good?

Much love


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