Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Owl hats and horrors...

I nearly had these finished last night but we ended up watching "the hills have eyes" instead. For someone who believes that everything in life should be colourful and cute I actually enjoy horror films quite a lot (although "the exorcist" had me screaming with laughter rather than terror) But I did not enjoy "the hills have eyes" it was just a little but too messed up for my liking, and about halfway through I wished I had just stayed down stairs and finished of my projects.

Instead I managed to get them finished this morning whilst Little Knitwit was having a rare quiet moment! 

This is owl hat number 1, is super soft and what I would call newborn size! I love the splash of orange it really makes it pop!

And this is hat number 2 , also done in soft wool and the same size. I've got  2 more hats knitted up but they are destined to be monsters! Other than that I've done some embroidery that I want to add beads to but I'll have to wait until I have a little Knitwit free moment. Toddlers and beads do not mix! 

Right I'm off to try and get the horrible images out of my head from last nights film! Why do I let mr Knitwit talk me into these things? Horrors would be so much more pleasant with a couple of owl hats thrown in, don't you think?

Much love

A terrified Frankie 


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