Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This is the end. I'm sure this time....

Mr Knitwit has been unwell. The day after his birthday in fact. Luckily little Knitwit was already having a sleep over at his nanny a so I didn't have to worry about him. The other bigger baby though , he was feeling well and truly sorry for himself. Poor lamb! So whilst he spent the day in bed sipping water and telling me that this was the end and that he was going to die ! I did a whole lot of nothing! I watched a sex and the city marathon, did some drawing, watched a dance moms marathon and knitted some booties!! Not productive but at least relaxing! I got two pairs made up! 

A super adorable pink pair! With lace bows and...... 

A fluffy blue pair! With blue lace bows! I also downloaded a free stitch counter app for my phone! And it's wonderful! No more hunting around for a pen! No more counting of rows and loosing paper! Just swipe and go! So much easier!!!

Anyway mr Knitwit appears to have made a full recovery. Well at least he's been well enough today to have a go with his new game! 

Men and illness eh?

Much love



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