Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Recieving Handmade

Some of my favourite gifts have been handmade, especially when Little Knitwit was a baby. We received a lot of knitted and crocheted items. However it did leave me with a small issue, I can't throw away something that someone spent time making! For starters these things are far to lovely to end up in a charity shop or in the bin and secondly I would feel too mean! I know how long it takes for me to knit a scarf let alone a blanket! however this means I get to show them to all you lovely people!
This blanket was knitted by my Momma, its a cot sized, basket weave design. And I'd love to say that she offered willingly but I might of ahem, demanded it but I'm fairly sure she didn't mind. This blanket was finished quite hastily seen as Little Knitwit decided he wanted to be an early bird! Its also got his name and date of birth embroidered on it! 
 This blanket is technically a christening blanket! I have no idea what design it is. All I know is that it looks like lace and is absolutely stunning, This was made by Mr Knitwits Nan, (and she offered, no demanding) Although the pattern was chosen by Mr Knitwits brother because I was being indecisive.
This is a large granny square crochet blanket and was made by a friend of Mr Knitwits Nan, Isn't it lovely that someone I'd never met and Mr Knitwit hadn't seen in years, thought to make something for us when our baby was born? Makes me feel all fuzzy inside!
 This was made for us by Little Knitwits, Godmothers, Nan (you following? I feel like some of these connections need a diagram) It's a smaller blanket than the others so was perfect for the car seat. Its got a lot of lovely stitches in it and washes beautifully. (That sounds really old lady but how something washes is a big deal in this house!)
 This blanket has been officially dubbed to Liverpool blanket (Mr Knitwits a big fan) It was also made Mr Knitwits Nan. It was originally made for the travel cot at her house but it didn't seem to be used very often, which was a shame because of all the work that went into it. Enter Frankie, I gladly took it off her hands (in my defence she offered) I always use this one! Mainly because its darker so its perfect for going on walks, and its been very much admired by the old ladies of my home town. And they liked the baby as well.  
 This is another car seat sized blanket and I believe its crocheted in some kind of shell pattern. This was made by the wife of someone Mr Knitwit used to work with. I was so surprised when she handed it to me especially as it was the first time we'd ever met! This one also looks like lace its really pretty.
This is a pram hood also made by Mr Knitwits Nan (are you getting the sense that she's quite the knitter? She's like my idol!) All I can say about this is it used to make Little Knitwit look like a 1940's baby and I begged Mr Knitwit for a silvercross pram to match (a vintage one) But apparently buying a new pram to match a hat is unreasonable. 
This is the last item and one of the most special. I have no idea who made it, where they made it or when. This cardigan was donated to the neonatal department of Leighton hospital, so that when a family came in which their premature, tiny new baby they would have something to put them in. Its very simple and must have been quite quick to make but when the nurse told me it belonged to my baby and that we could take it home it meant the world to me. And Little Knitwit looked super cute all bundled up in it!
Obviously as soon as the rest of the knitting brigade knew what size the new baby was, they picked up their needles and started clicking. I think Mr Knitwits Nan must have made at least 10 pairs of premature sized baby booties to keep her great grandsons feet warm!
So that's just a small selection of items that I've kept, I just hope that when I show them to Little Knitwit in 10 years time he appreciates the love and hard work that went into them. And doesn't just ask me if he can have a biscuit.
Much Love
And nostalgia over how big my baby's gotten!


  1. That's so lovely :) treasure them all x

    1. I do, and its nice to have them all on hand for when we are building dens x


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