Saturday, 30 August 2014

Knit till the yarn quits...

It's finished! I added the last couple of rows about half an hour ago and immediately put on a full face of makeup so I could take some photos without terrifying the life out of you all! I took a readers advice and knitted until the yarn quit! Definitely I motto I'll be using on future projects! 

It's a big boy, I haven't measured it but it's about six inches shorter than me! It's still super fluffy and is long enough to wrap round, or loop through! (I stand stand stumpy scarves! I have no idea how to wear them!) 

Please excuse my mane of hair! It's wild at the moment! Life was so much easier when if was short! 

On the sickness front little knitwits cold has turned into a very nasty cough and he is feeling VERY sorry for himself, he gets that from his father! But he's fairly content quietly playing cars and watching  cartoons! Although I'm started to go a little bit crazy from it all! I actually said whoopsie daisy yesterday. Not sure if my rock and roll image will survive, although the knitting might have already put an end to that! 

Much love 


Aka - the 80 year old women!!! 


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