Monday, 14 July 2014

Searching For An Extra Inch

I should probably start of by warning you that I am absolutely exhausted. This is not an exaggeration, I didn't get to sleep until about 2am and Little Knitwit decided to wake me up at 5.45am, little swine  cherub. Sadly though little knitwit is just like his momma and likes his sleep, I cannot stress enough that if he wakes up any time after 7.30 my son is an angel, polite, well mannered, plays nicely , eats nicely and well if he gets up before 7.30? He just isn't.

But either way I do have some good news I finished my simplicity 4070 dress! Woop, Yay! Zip is in, trims are stitched down. It's lovely! And It fits thank god!

These are the second set of photographs that I have taken of this dress today, it turns out that taking a picture of a white dress against a white wall doesn't exactly work perfectly.

Still love this pattern, so easy to sew, fairly quick and their are so many skirt variations I can try. Here I just opted for a simple gathered skirt. Mainly because I had to sew two pieces of fabric together to get enough so there is a large seam down the middle. The gathers hide this seam quite nicely.

I added lace around the collar and arm holes after I had hemmed them but next time I might just opt for some bias binding.

I had to add the lace down either side of my very first zip because I hadn't left enough room on one side and one of the gathers got rucked up and almost pleated? The zip works fine and looked stunning on one side, so instead of redoing the zip and the skirt I just added the lace to cover it up.

The key hole detail at the back is so flattering!

My next step with this pattern is to work out how little fabric I can get away with using, I mainly draft my own skirts so the pattern packet is of no use to me . I've found an amazing site online called fabric rehab and it has so many beautiful and fun fabric choices, so I just need to work out how much fabric I will actually need and then I might just have to spoil myself!

The only other thing going on is me trying to finish off my knitting, I'm very close to the end I've just got a few inches to go and they keep eluding me! It doesn't matter how long I knit for, whenever I re measure I never seem any closer! Its pretty soul destroying work so I'm hoping it will be finished tonight! Although feeling how I feel I might just down a glass of wine and go straight to bed!

Much Love

A very sleepy




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