Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hybrid.9 Tshirt Re-Vamp

Does anyone remember the album artwork I did for Hybrid.9?
Well I also did a revamp on one of their band t-shirts ages ago, I just hadn't gotten around to blogging about it yet because its always either on my body or in the wash. When I was given my t-shirt it was a size xxl, so it was a lil big! to say the least.
It was a basic t-shirt shape with the logo on the front and nothing on the back.
I started off by browsing Pinterest looking a t-shirt revamps for inspiration. If anybody is looking to get into sewing and fashion and isn't really confident on a sewing machine, I would definitely recommend starting with a t-shirt revamp because so much can be done by just cutting and a little bit of hand sewing!
The only request that my sister whos married to a member of the band requested was that I try and keep most of the fabric, I think it was a polite way of saying I don't want my baby sister wandering round with just the logo across her boobs and not a lot else on!
This is what it ended up looking like, and I literally got rid of seams that was it!
Photos taken by Momma Knitwit in her beautiful garden.
I kept the front simple and just cut a slightly lower neck and chopped off the sleeves.
 And then I sliced and plaited the entire back, I have no idea how I managed it, I know I was worried at one point that they wouldn't reach across but luckily strips of t-shirt stretch when you pull them. The only thing I had to be really careful about was how many strips I cut so I'd have enough for plaiting and none left over. And that meant that I need all the material the back had to offer! Haha Big Sister!
I used the material from the sleeves to bring the shoulder seams together and I criss crossed all my plaits using the under over method.
I love it! I usually wear a vest top underneath during the day to keep it a bit more modest and to make sure I don't get any trampy momma comments, But if I'm wearing it too a gig I usually don't bother with the vest top, which works out quite well because it means I have my own ventilation system for hot and sweaty gig rooms!
All in all it one of my best revamps! But it was really nerve racking to do! mainly because my brother in law (who's in the band) was nice enough to give me the t-shirt for free. So I definitely didn't want to screw up!
But I think its cool enough and rock and roll enough! And you can see the logo!
Much Love
And Rock On!

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