Thursday, 10 July 2014

Will I Ever Learn?

As mentioned in my previous blog post, yesterday I started recovering my cushions. It took a little bit longer than I was expected, mainly due to my inability to measure accurately. I don't know how many times I have had parent/teachers/friends tell me to measure twice cut once. But either way I still haven't learnt my lesson, I might have  definitely measured the new covers wrong, luckily after some swearing and stuffing of inserts into the new covers I got them finished! I did them the lazy way and didn't put in any fastenings just slip stitched the openings closed after sewing. This is for practical reasons, Little Knitwit has developed a fondness for zips and for stuffing his toy cars into the covers and reclosing them. I'd just like to say you have not felt pain until you've plonked yourself down with a nice hot brew and found yourself with a matchbox car up your jaxi and hot tea over your lap.
I only recovered the brown cushions they used to be a mix of grey, white and beige. So know we have three "accent" cushions (Mr.Knitwit laughed at me when I used this term earlier) and the rest are dark brown suede.
This my little nest, do you like my cushion? Its a vintage sewing machine cushion and was given to me this Christmas by my brother and his family, it reminds me to make something beautiful everyday.
In other news I've started the top half of my dress for OWOP, I'm using simplicity 4070, well the bodice at least I always tend to go a bit rouge on skirts depending on how much fabric I have left. I've used this pattern before and loved it but always managed to avoid the zip putting in part. I've never done a zip before, I've read up on it in pretty much every sewing book I have but to be honest its about as clear as mud so I'm envisioning a lot of ripping out in this project.
And yes that is a pattern envelope with ALL the pieces inside! Anybody who has used a pattern before knows that once you've opened that envelope your chances of getting anything back into it are slim to none! But I used to go walking and spent years folding ordance survey maps! Patterns are nothing!
This is my start to the bodice, I'm working in a nice white linen, and hoping to add a linen skirt. It has princess seams and it's going to have a zip. My first one ever!!! And as with everything else it needs a good iron!
Now I'm off to try and finish my knitting! I keep saying that but other things keep cropping up!
Much Love

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