Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

This is the problem with England either you've got two jumpers and three pairs of socks on because it's freezing or it's so hot your blogging in your pants (I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want that visual, I've not opted for a picture moment!) Although its actually a bikini and one of Mr.Knitwits slightly bigger shirts!
But my lord it is hot! And don't get me wrong I am loving the sunshine even if me and Little Knitwit are more greased up than a Christmas turkey from all of the sun cream we've been having to use! There's only one problem.
Boredom is setting in. There are only so many times mummy can bounce on a trampoline and play football! Momma wants something new to do! Enter Pinterest!!!!
This is definitely happening I'm hitting the pound shop asap to find some cheap water pistols!!!

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 And I love this idea something to keep him nice and cool in the garden!
I'm going to try this but I'm not sure how Lil Knitwit will react, he's not a huge fan of being dirty so it might end up being more of a crying session!
I never remember being bored in the summer, my Momma always had things to do planned, drawing outside with chalk, baking, paddling pool!
Other than Pinterest searching I've been flitting between knitting and beading. Knit till hand are sore, bead till back is sore! I'm sure that physiatrists would say that crafting until you are in pain is the first sign of addiction. They would probably be right. I have some orders to fill so that's the knitting, and the beading is on my Indian owl embroidery which I hope to have finished tonight so I can show it to you all tomorrow. Spoiler it looks awesome!
Right I'm off to get some beauty sleep I'm having a day with my niece and nephew tomorrow so I'll need my energy!
Much Love


  1. It is hot indeed and I blogged actually in knickers today Frankie! Looking forward to your reveal. Jo x

    1. Thank You for reading! I think were going to start a trend! blogging in pants! although it wont be long before were cracking the onsies out again!!! Thanks again!


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