Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Too Late . . .

Do you ever make some thing and just wish you had finished it a little tiny bit sooner? I knitted this owl ages ago and only finished it yesterday, four days to late. When I picked out the colours I didn't think it would look like this in the end, I'm really glad he does but if I'd have known I'd have worked faster, Much faster.
Without further ado I'd like the introduce you to..... "Mr I would have been perfect for a 4th of July post, owl"
Here he is Mr Red White and Blue!
Isn't he sweet? He's going to be up in my Etsy shop very soon! If you haven't been over for a visit in my Etsy shop please do pop over and take a peek (you can find a link on the right hand side of this page). there's lots of lovely handmade completely unique owls in there, all looking for new homes!
I sign all my owls with my initials, I think it gives them a personal touch. Reminds people that this object was made by an actual human person not just a machine! (Although sometimes I do feel like a machine, not the cool Terminator kind. More the plodding along Wall-E kind)
I had to add a bow tie to make him look festive!
And multi coloured pompoms!
And as its WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday, I better tell you what else is being stitched together in my house at the moment.
  • I'm finishing off another owl this one is larger much like my black, white and red one.
  • I've started a dress in a really nice linen, I'm using a old pattern I worked with a few times and that I love (more on that later) so I can take part in the OWOP (One Week One Pattern) That Handmade Jane is hosting! I'm so excited!
  • But right this second, my work in progress is my scatter cushions, lovely future mother in law was getting rid of some dark brown fabric, so I'm using it to cover 8 cushions! I know right 8 but trust me they all need doing my old cover were so grotty!
What have you been up to this week?

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