Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Can Owls Be Couture?

I've been watching to much project runway. I recently realised that I can watch full length episodes on Youtube and I can watch them on the television in the living room. It's bliss! And I think that unconsciously became the inspiration for this project.
 In a few days its going to become a cute little cushion but for the moment it looks like this.
I think this is such a cute, chic, little owl! Can I use the word chic? Is chic a word that can be used to describe an owl?
Its got a lot of texture involved and everything is hand sewn, not a machine in site. The eyes are buttons and hand sewn beads. I love that its kind of got a vintage vibe as well, kind of like a 1920's flapper owl!
I used a lot of texture on it, there's vintage fabric, felt and vintage dolies (thanks to Momma Knitwit and here shopping skills!)
Metal rings and assorted lace!
And more beads!!!! You can never have to many beads! Even if I did nearly loose my entire box of beads on the floor.
Okay so I  know I'm biased but I LOVE it! It doesn't help that I have an unhealthy obsession with owls! But I just think it looks awesome! I'm having a super proud moment!
I can't wait to start something similar I'm loving the textured approach at the moment! Although it does kind of remind me of winter with all those layers.
By the way if anybody is looking to get rid of their dolies! I know someone who'd definitely be willing to take them off their hands, Wink Wink.
Much Love

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