Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lazy Day's

As promised I finally got some pictures of me wearing my handmade pyjamas! My lovely daddy was kind enough to offer his photography skills for this occasion! 
As usual please prepare yourself for the usual round of awkward posing, although I did have enough sense to crop out my eyes because of the horrific bags underneath them (no seriously you could have packed those bad boys for two weeks holiday, abroad, with children) 
I still love them, they are very comfy and I love that I made them myself!!!!  However I was not aware of just how short I am!!! I blame my daddy he must have caught me at a weird angle, I'm fairly sure that I'm a six foot amazon women who should be strutting the runway and winning Americas next top model. At least I'm fairly sure.
Here's the bottom by themselves I should probably add that I'm didn't make the vest top its a Primark original!
And the robe is back on! So glad I put the pockets in perfect for carrying my phone around. I know there just patch pockets but they are the neatest patch pockets I have ever done!
In other news!
  •  Simplicity 4070 dress done! Including a zip! my first one EVER! Just need to finish stitching the trim down. And by the way my zip was met with approval from both Momma Knitwit and my Aunty (who is quite the dress maker herself!)
  • Starting Lil Knitwits jammies today!
  • Knitting always knitting! Never stop knitting.
  • And spending far to much time looking at fabric online! And drooling, and then drooling some more. 
Much Love


  1. Just been catching up,on your blog and I have made that simplicity pattern for my daughter!!! I did the version with boning ( first time I had ever done that !) the dress took me ages I bet you are quicker!! Loving your projects x

    1. What a small pattern world! I only have that pattern because it came free with a magazine! Welldone on the boning! Ive avoided boning since making my sister a corset, its one of the things im terrified of, along with zips! X


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