Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pop Your Pjs On

I'm the sort of person that wears my favourite things to death. Till there are loose threads and holes all over the place. And my favourite things to wear are pyjamas.
Yes, it's lazy but sometimes a girl needs her creature comforts and mine is a big snuggly pair of jammies! But I've started to find that my PJs are getting a little tatty to say the least, they've reached the stage where they are no longer suitable for opening the door in (don't get me wrong I mean to the postman, not to normal day to day people! I don't live in my pyjamas, I just wish I could!)
I had a look online for a new pair but I couldn't actually find any I liked. No I'm not "grumpy but gorgeous" I'm quite frankly sleepy and my grumpiness is a side affect of your stupidity, as for the gorgeous remark, well it depends on quite how dim your lights are and whether or not I've caked on the foundation with a shovel or just poured a bucketful over my head.
I just want some old skool PJs luckily for me I happened to find some fabric I had squirreled away at the back of my airing cupboard.
I'd already prewashed it and folded it away and then promptly forgotten about it.
It's not actually fabric though, its two double bed sheets. I was given them by a neighbour when we were moving into our house. Her Mother had died, but apparently before dying had brought about 10 new sets of bedding, Unopened, unused bedding! (I'm very much hoping my mother decided to do this with shoes, but in my size of course) 
It's 100% cotton, and I vaguely remember the box saying something about it being flannel? This confused me at the time because growing up a flannel was something you wiped your face with. Like a Little square of towel material , not a type of fabric.
It's a really lovely dusky pink (hence why there not on our bed, Mr.Knitwit is a boy! He will not sleep in a pink bed!) It looks lovely and warm and is very soft! Perfect for jammies!
Obviously I had a quick look on pinterest to see what's out there pattern wise and found a few styles I like.
Very nice pjs but I'm not sure they'll work in my material.
These are really lovely, but I know already it will go one of two ways either I'll make them and they'll be uncomfy so wont be worn, or I'll make them and they'll look that cute and I'll convince myself they are suitable to wear outside of the home and go to Tesco looking like a Muppet in my PJs.
Ohhhh PERFECT! Loose, comfy looking! POCKETS! This is the style I'm going to go for! I did have a look for this pattern but I just cant justify it, not when I can just use another pair of PJ bottoms as a pattern and use the bowling shirt pattern from my Sew Your Own Wardrobe book as a starting point for the jacket. Having said that if it all goes horribly wrong I shall be buying a pattern and starting over with the other sheet.
How hard can it be? (she says)
I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
Much Love


  1. Are you going to model the pj's when finished?

  2. of course! not sure i can resist a chance to wear pjs during the day!

  3. Funny that you say that I just so happen to have a pair of pyjamas that my mum bought me that say Grumpy but Gorgeous on them, ha ha :) xx

    1. See and I bet you do look gorgeous in them! But when I'm sleepy I don't do gorgeous I do grumpy just plain grumpy! or as my other half like to call it pug face!


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