Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bottoms Up

I finished my pyjama bottoms!!! I actually couldn't be more proud of myself! Especially after I had accidently sewn up completely the wrong seams and had to start over, I'd like to say I unpicked them, but I just cut them off because I'm a teensy bit lazy! But either way they are done! And there pretty neat too! I reinforced the edges? (I think that's what you call it? I basically picked the most complicated looking stitch on my machine and re-sewed every edge to make sure they don't come apart, and then trimmed it down, kind of like over-locking but without the posh machine! ) Anyway without further ado here they are!
This is how they started out, I used an old pair of PJ bottoms as a template and just drew around them , and I cut all four layers at once (I didn't use separate piece for the front and back, I probably should have done to get a really good fit. But you live you learn)
Here they are finished. Now I completely understand that these are not going to win any sort of award in the pyjama bottom department, but I love them. And to be honest the fit is just as good if not better than some other pairs I have. (And they don't have a missive rip in the bum so there already have one up of some of my other pairs!)
I did an elasticated waistband because I couldn't actually think of any other way to fasten jammies, until I remembered about tie fastenings! Doh!
The bow is purely for show! The ribbon I used for it was my grandmothers! She had a lot of the stuff and its never been my favourite thing but it actually works pretty well on this.
And then I added some of the ribbon to each cuff to give it more of a vintage feel!
And I've nearly finished part two of this project, the robe! It was going to be a pyjama jacket but I mulled it over for a while (in bed, with a brew of course) and realised I prefer to sleep in vest tops, its very rare I wear anything long sleeved to bed unless I have the flu! So I've opted for a robe, which I'm making using my old one as a pattern but more on that later.
As soon as both pieces are finished, I will be giving them a model! Prepare yourself for some awkward posing and possibly my teddy bear! (you think I'm joking) So keep your eyes peeled!
And um did I mention I made them myself? Couldn't be more thrilled if I tried, I've actually made a wearable garment, dreading when the postman comes and I'm wearing them, I don't think I'll be able to stop myself from telling him!
Much Love


  1. Well done!!! They look great

    1. Thankyou! I'm stupidly proud of myself to say there like the easiest thing to make! but I'm just so glad they turned out okay! xx


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