Friday, 18 July 2014

Ducks and Needle Books

I was a naughty blogger yesterday, I had a blog post ready to go (well I say ready, it was written in my head, it just wasn't down on paper/laptop), then disaster struck! I got a  migraine, the crippling, pain ridden kind. The kind that makes you wonder whether or not you would actually rather walk over hot coals than continue on with that particular kind of headache. Put bluntly yesterday my head felt like a ball of wool had exploded and become very tangled, and a 2 year old was trying to untangle it, with a sledgehammer, whilst listening to heavy metal, through a sub woofer.
But hallelujah! I'm feeling better, and have something new to show you!!!
I made these five cute needle books a while ago, but haven't seemed to get round to blogging about them, they've been on my to do list for a while and here they are.
Being that Little Knitwit is still, well a Little Knitwit. Needles, pins basically anything sharp is treated like a bomb. I actually count pins in and out, yes its that bad, one missing pin can result in two hours of me trawling the carpet on my hands and knees. And a proper good hovering! So this seems like the perfect solution, somewhere pretty I can keep sharp things (aside from my wit of course!)
The pink is my favourite I think. These are perfect stash buster projects, I used scraps of fabric and scraps of felt.
In other news, I also made CAKE! Yes CAKE deserves capitals. I really like CAKE!
I made this for a friends birthday, he gave Little Knitwit his favourite teddy (Donald duck). Hence the duck!
Luckily for me Mr Knitwit brought me a subscription to Disney sweets and treats for my birthday, (isn't he lovely) so I just used to moulds provided! And then iced it. And I managed not to eat all of the icing whilst icing it! (This is an achievement for me, I don't have so much as a sweet tooth as a sweet mouth....Oi! saucy!)
I'm definitely pleased with it, although it's not as much fun as crafting because it gets eaten afterwards. All that hard work gone in two mouthfuls.
Also quite excitingly, I've added another item to my Etsy shop! (Link can be found on the right hand side of this page) Does anyone remember the owl mobile I made during Pinterest fortnight? Well now its up for sale in my Etsy shop for the very reasonable £12.50!
So glad I feel better now! That's the worst thing about migraines , you can't do anything, no sewing, knitting or drawing. Even lying down in a dark room seems like hard work (not an ounce of drama in that statement at all!)
Much Love

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