Saturday, 26 July 2014

Party People

Does anyone remember my Moustache Bag? The one that I made during Pinterest week?
Well apart from one very indulgent selfie moment that ended up on twitter (I'm not a selfie kind of girl but this bag just begs to have silly pictures taken) It hasn't actually seen a lot of action.
Probably because I haven't seen a lot of action recently (Oi you in the back keep it clean) But I did get the opportunity to go out a while back to a very good friends 21st birthday party! And I did actually say I would put up a picture of me using it here. So better late than never here's how I wore it.
Prepare yourself not only am I using my "I'm so happy that I haven't had to deal with somebody else's bodily functions for a good two hours face" I am also very very pale, not pale and interesting, not porcelain doll looking. Just really really pale.
Okay so in a very fashion way
  • Tartan Jacket - New Look (years ago I think I was about 14/15 when I brought this)
  • Dress - Primark (I actually burnt the collar this week ironing it, as if I need more proof that I shouldn't iron)
  • Tights - god knows my mum probably brought them, all I know is they are ladder proof!!!
  • Hat - Vintage (My mum brought it for my brother, but I looked better in it, so I won!)
  • Purse! - I made that!
As another point my friend here happens to be a very talented guitar player so I'll let him close with one of my favourite songs. You can also find him here.
Much Love


  1. Great photo shows the bag off nicely ;)

    1. Thankyou it was nice ti be able to use it and dress up pretty x


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