Friday, 11 July 2014

Cos she thinks shes made of candy...

Ever get a song stuck in your head? Well I think it influences my crafting, I had candy by Robbie Williams in my head making this and it came out sweeter than sweet.
Here's an action shot of the little lady holding my door open.
I used wood effect buttons for the details, I think it stops it becoming too much! All those bright colours needed something to tone them down. 
I'm loving the multi coloured pompoms at the moment!
This piece will bee arriving in my Etsy shop shortly as soon as I've finished my brew!
It all seems to be owls at the moment, Its either owls or cowls with me at the moment! Basically anything that doesn't make me want to cry if Lil Knitwit unravels it!
But I do have some interesting things on the go at the moment!
- Making some PJs for little Knitwit
- Finishing my simplicity 4070 dress, I'm hoping to get the zip in today although my aunties coming over tomorrow and she is an excellent dress maker so I'm tempted to leave it and ask her to show me.
- Starting a cat doorstop , Yes a cat! Not an owl or a cowl!!!!
- Two clothing alterations both on vintage pieces.
- And I am determined to add those last two flaming triangles to my English paper piece quilt all it needs two triangles and then that's it! I just have to baste and quilt! But I do think I've worked out why I'm putting it off, I'm not quite in love with it. But I've decided that's okay its main job (once fully finished) will be as a poorly quilt for the boys so when their ill they wont be dragging nice quilts downstairs. No yucky germs on clean bedding!
Much Love


  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. THis is just fabulous. Love it, made me smile

    1. thank you very much for visiting, crazy mom quilts is one of my favourite blogs. glad I made you smile


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