Friday, 4 July 2014

Finally Finished!!!

I'm doing my happy dance. Well not right now, right now I'm sat typing, but I was doing my happy dance. All because I finished my pyjama robe! I've actually made a full set (minus top but give me a break!) of pyjamas! Bottoms and a robe! Without adult supervision! (I don't count as an adult, I am mearly I child confined to an adults body!) I'm giddy with excitement! There not perfect but they are mine! And I made them!
This is the robe I made, it's based on one of my other robes.  I just copied the design and style using the old one, actually this taught me a lot about fabric and how it can change the look of a design. The original robe was made in some sort of see through crepe, in black with a lace coller and a very small ruffle around all the edges. It is VERY saucy (as far as robes go anyway).
Mine as you can see is cotton flannel in pale pink and is a little less saucy, it's more on the side of Marks and Sparks to be honest. (The nice end! The I want to sip my cocoa in peace and not look like a 1950's vixen end of the shop. I like the think of the look as 1950s housewife aka Bree Vanderkamp). It's roughly mid thigh length and has pockets unlike the original, is anybody else obsessed with pockets? Maybe it is because of all of the junk I carry around all day. But I feel lost without pockets! 
The only major hiccup I had was with the belt, stupidly used my needle set to the left, thought oh it will be fine, couldn't turn the blooming thing inside out and had to unpick the entire thing. Upon unpicking the entire thing I also realised I had my machine set to the shortest stitch length possible. Nightmare does not quite describe it!
 In general the robe features raglan sleeves with a gathered front , pockets and belt loops!
Please expect some much better pictures as soon as I have time to play model! And as Tyra would say "SMIZE!"
The only thing I'm considering is adding is a monogram of the front of one side? My Initials maybe? or Mrs Knitwit?
Much Love
And yippee I did it!


  1. This is lovely! It looks so comfortable, I'd love to snuggle in it. Great work!

    1. Thank you I'm managing to resist at the moment so I can keep them lovely until I can take some photos! But I have hung them on my door and keep looking at them and smiling! Thank you for reading!


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