Thursday, 1 October 2015

Machine pieced triangles

I had a little bit of birthday money left so i took a risk and brought a pack of pre cut squares from amazon, it was one Pound for the squares and another Pound for delivery. For 50 four inch squares i didn't think it was too bad. Initially i brought them with the intention of using them for my hexy quilt however when they arrived i was that pleasantly surprised that i decided they needed a project of their very own! So i cut another 50 squares from a plain cream cotton and got cracking. [I cant seem to link to the seller on amazon but they are called Raylinedo]

I'm not sure where i first saw the technique i used to piece triangles but basically i put a plain square and a patterned square together draw a line diagonally from one corner and stitch a line either side, then i cut up the line Ive drawn and iron.

Not a hugely detailed description but it works really well and I'm guessing its faster than piecing actual triangles.

anyway i love how it looks even it it was an absolute pain making sure that all the triangles were going the right way!!! I'm slowly adding some sashing around the outside to make it a bit bigger. the rose fabric is from my cupboard and i had just enough for this but I'm debating my next fabric move.

All in all i think its pretty, especially seen as the main quilt part only cost me two pounds! I'm especially pleased with my points on the triangles.

I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to quilting it, first ill have to find something to back it with and some wadding and then all that's left is the binding!!

In other news, the boys are slowly getting better, and we are finally getting back to normal after all of the excitement. Ive got some clothes to sew up this evening and then hopefully i can get around to photographing them all soon! Ive also got some more treats to pick up from my mums regarding sewing!

Much Love




  1. Granny had a cushion she made with that pattern. I think and possibly a quilt. Netty might have the quilt. Your sewing treats await you along with lil Knitwits Cadbury treats. It's beautiful by the way your quilt

  2. How cool that you made something lovely out of some unwanted squares. Yes, that technique for making HSTs is a good one, makes it all so easy - and HST quilts look so effective.


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