Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It's like Christmas but more velvety

I recently came into possession of some velvet. A roll of velvet to be precise. Yes a roll like they have in fabric shops. It was given to me by one of my mums belly dance friends. All of whom are very lovely and always on the lookout for bits and pieces I might find useful. 

But what on earth can I do with it all? How will I store it? How will I know how much there is? 

My first instinct for storing it was to cut it into manageable lengths and fold it away, however my nanny who's visiting said this might cause the velvet to get gold lines and crease and ruin it. So instead I've tucked it behind the sofa with my projector screen. 

With regard to how much there is, I have no idea, I know how to work out the circumference of a circle but not of a spiral? I'm not sure they covered that in gcse maths. Or if they did I wasn't listening! Which means I'll have to play it fast and loose! I'll have to enjoy the velvet whilst I can and be satisfied that I've enjoyed myself when the end comes. Sort of like eating chocolate blindfolded.

But know what to make? How much velvet can one person cram into their wardrobe? Well if your me and love velvet! LOTS! 

So naturally I've started a velvet Pinterest board! Here's a few of my favourite things: 

Okay so it's ambitious, and I've got no idea how to work the whole buses thing. But I've wanted a velvet corset since my sister came home with one over ten years ago. (My sister possibly loves velvet more than me) I adored that corset, in fact it's just one in a long list of things I wanted to steal from my sisters wardrobe  over the years, now I'm not sure I could do something this complicated but I think the gbsb fashion with fabric pattern might serve as a good starting point for corset based projects. 

A velvet suit, mick jagger was my inspiration for this, however I think I might go for a straighter trouser rather than a flare. I used to love flares when I was about 9/10 in fact I had a pair of huge flares and I'm still not sure how I didn't fall over in them. So I think I've had my fill of flares, plus I think a straighter leg will stop it from looking outdated.

Ive looked into ways to alter the velvet so I don't get bored , I'm tempted to try bleaching (on a scrap first) and see if I can create a galaxy style dress, complete with little bead "stars" and I'm definitely going to try embossing, apparently you need something you can heat like a rubber stamp or a metal stamp. My only stamp is an owl so I've been on the lookout for interesting metal objects that might be usable, so far I'm found a potato masher......... 

I think this might be the project I start with. The clemence pattern from Tilly and the buttons looks like a good fit for this and I think it will be nice and snuggly for winter. 

Velvet minidress (minus sparkles) I'm pretty sure I wore a dress similar to this for the millennium, it was from Tammy girl , in fact all my "party clothes" were! I loved Tammy girl! I wonder if it's still going? Anyway the other reason I love it is because I'm pretty sure buffy the vampire slayer had a velvet minidress and she's been my idol for years! She's just so 90's ! Anyway I'm going to use the gbsb book 2's shift dress pattern. I just made a summer version so I know it fits and a more winter appropriate version would be cool. 

And that's all my ideas for now! 

What would you make with a bolt of velvet? 

Much love



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  1. I adore the dress and skirt!!! Shame neither are practical for me right now :( sad face xxxxx


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