Monday, 5 October 2015

Miette cardigan update - part one

I thought I'd document my progress on my miette cardigan! So without further ado here's part one!

So I started off by casting on no less than 8 times, I'm not even joking I really struggled with some of the instructions! As it goes ssk does not mean slip stitch, slip stitch, knit stitch. It actually mean slip stitch, slip stitch, knit the two slipped stitches together, It took me far to long to realise my error, about 4 cast ons I'd say? Then there was the wonderful incident where I decided I don't need stitch markers so took them out, only to realise I do actually need stitch markers so had to start again!

Incidentally I don't actually own stitch markers so I've been using paper clips, bright pink paperclips to be precise.

One pound from Tesco can't say fairer than that can you! And they are working just as well as regular stitch markers, well I assume they are.

But anyway I'm plodding on nicely, I don't knit really fast so the aran wool is making it seem like Ive done more than I have.

Ive just finished the dreaded row 25 which I had to Google, but as soon as a realised that I was making the front bit more sticky out it made sense. I'm getting along quite nicely with the lace pattern but I'm making sure to re read each line so I don't make any silly mistakes.

I'm also coping surprisingly well with the needles, even if they do look a bit like nun chucks [everyone knows grannies are assassins really]. I think for my next project I'm going to try knitting in the round, she says even through shes not finished the cardigan yet!

Speaking of which I'm trying not to start any new projects until this is done, I'm desperately trying to stay focused!!! So these are the only items in my knitting bag at the moment, my wool, my needles, a tub of paper clips, a jingle jester pencil [technically little knitwits] and a piece of card that I'm marking my rows off on.

whats in your knitting bag?

Much Love




  1. I use paperclips as stitch markers too and haven't had a problem with them. I'm knitting a miette at the moment too. The same one I've been working on since I finished my first one, way back in March... I should probably finish that!

    1. Well they do say cardigans are a long term knitting project I'm never t much further on then when I wrote this ! My hands needed a break x


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