Saturday, 3 October 2015

Very Grown Up Dress

I don't usually make dresses like this, Its a pretty grown up style and whilst i don't mind dressing like a grownup i always tend to find grownup outfits are a little less than comfortable.

However needs must and Ive decided to start dressing a lil bit better to help me feel more chirpy. Its not that I'm miserable don't get me wrong, but Ive found that i seem to spend less time on looking good now I'm a momma, so i though i might start trying to look better again in the hopes it makes me feel a bit more like a human and less like a cleaning, feeding , poop mopping up machine. 

So the pattern for this dress is from the second gbsb book. Its a princess seamed shift dress with a darted skirt and arm and neck hole facings. I loved the facings they give a really lovely finish to the dress without bulking out the seams too much.

Generally i think the shape is pretty flattering, and i like the style of dress with the abstract print. This fabric was given to me by a friend and is a very heavy curtain weight, Its probably too heavy for this dress but i like how it turned out and i thought the print was kinda cool with the big flowers. I'm not sure how much wear ill get out of it becuase3 the fabric is so thick, so i might just chalk it up as a wearable toile.

The colour means its more of a summer dress, in fact i could see me wearing this on a safari! We've been looking at different honeymoon destinations for next year and Mr knitwit thinks its highly amusing that I'm already planing what ill wear. 

zip wise i changed it up a bit, i basted my back seam together with a long stitch and then sewed in my zip using a smaller stitch and then stitched the remainder of the seam. It kind of makes a closed double lap zip.

I did wonder if the placement of this flower was a bit awkward but i really couldn't do anything else with the amount of fabric i had.

I'm still shocked at how well this fits, Although i do think i might have used the wrong seam allowance sewing it up. I'm not sure why but i think it might be because of the pretty evil cold i was rocking.

The only thing i hate is the hem i hand stitched it and the fact you can see it is a bit annoying hopefully it might change after its had a good wash and a press.

I think I'm going to make a winter version of this next using another thicker material but in a darker colour.

I'm hoping these pictures turned out okay, its my first time using my wireless remote for my camera. I realise my face and hair are a mess but i was sleepy and as i said i have a cold. Not even a stay in bed kind of cold though just the annoying I'm gonna make every day feel like a climb up mount Everest type.

Much Love




  1. Wow! The dress looks great on you. It's definitely a good style for you. I'm the type to make multiples on a pattern when I find one I like. I'm not one who feels you can't wear white after Labor Day. Just find a sweater or jacket that matches the flowers and you can wear it year-round. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

    1. A sweater in the right colour might just save this dress! I definitely think I'm going to make it again x

  2. It looks very sophisticated and really suits you. Although it would look nice with a cardigan too, especially a little fifties style burnt orange one, it doesn't need one. The fit is amazing. I actually like the way the hem looks in the picture but you could add a bit of trim if you don't, I personally don't think it's required. Dress looks really good on you very grown up but not too old if you know what I mean.

  3. Eliza thinks you look beautiful.

  4. Super dress! The fit looks really great. Do you know they are taking applications for the BBC Sewing Bee? I really think you should have a go, your dress making always looks brilliant, and you have a great personality which I'm sure would do well on TV


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