Sunday, 25 October 2015

skull print pj bottoms

I needed a new pair of pj bottoms, and that's all I can really say about this project, I saw a need and I filled the need!

I used the Tilly and the buttons Margot pj bottom pattern from love at first stitch. Mainly because I don't have another pyjama bottom pattern and I don't really see a need for another one? I mean a pyjamas a pyjama?

So anyway I used the last of my skull print fabric the same fabric that i used for my comfy dress, which is no longer in commission due to an unfortunate incident with a bottle of bleach. however due to the softness of the material I knew it would be perfect for pjs!

Anyway if you've forgotten the fabric here it is.

There not much to say really, they fit great they are very snuggly and all in all I'm super happy!

I think they took about two hours to sew together? but I did sew one leg inside out and took time to finish my seams.

I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures the man cave is stuffed full of boxes at the moment so I had to use the limited room in our upstairs hallway. Fun Fact : on the wall to my right we have a framed film cell from the second saw movie, its the scene where she falls into the hole full of needles.

This is me demonstrating how comfy they are you could actually do yoga in these! 

and this is me demonstrating how I kick Mr Knitwit onto his side of the bed during the night. Bad ass skull style!

and this is the tie which you completely cant see, although there's not much to see as its a tube of fabric threaded through a channel.

So these are a success although I'm not completely sure if they are blog worthy? Its the fourth time I've used this pattern so I didn't discover anything ground breaking or make any changes. In fact it was quite nice to do some mindless sewing whilst watching some mindless telly.

The more vigilant of you might be asking where my lovely face is on these pictures? well I didn't have any make-up on and I wasn't going to put it on for a quick blog post so I just chopped my head off.

Yes I know I should love my natural face but you didn't see my face this morning.

In other news I finished a dress yesterday, its awesome and will be photographed as soon as I get chance, and I might even include my head.

I've started another knitted bear.

And that's it really I have some more sewing plans in the works and Mr Knitwits grandparents came over today and dropped off some newspapers for me to copy patterns onto so hopefully I can crack on with those. Yes I'm using newspaper , tissue paper is just not cost effective for the amount of patterns I trace and hack into!!!

Much Love 



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  1. I get a roll of greasproof or parchment paper from the 99p shop for tracing. There aren't many patterns that don't fit onto it and is much cleaner than newsprint.


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