Friday, 9 October 2015

Collared Sleeveless GBSB blouse

So I have a new make to show! After making the pussy bow blouse from the GBSB book fashion with fabric I immediately decided to make the hacked collared version. So I quickly added lightweight drapey material to my shopping list ready and waiting for when I actually go fabric shopping.

Then something wonderful happened, A lovely lady who reads my blog got in touch and asked if I'd like some of her patterns as she was having a clear out? Obviously I said yes! Then the same lovely lady sent me some fabric that she wasn't going to use...... all I can say is WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!! I'm officially adopting her.

So there was three different fabrics in the parcel [shout out to her husband who was lovely enough to take them to the post office] but the one that immediately caught my eye was a drapey, spotty, soft fabric thing..... I'm not sure what the technical term is?

Okay so I'm wearing it open [Its styled buttoned up in the book], I have this weird thing where I like my neck and chest to be free, its weird I don't know why, but I do. I also have boobs [they used to be bigger] so I still tend to dress for my old bigger boob that couldn't really be contained. Now they are more manageable but I still fell the need to flaunt some cleavage.

Sewing wise its a pretty easy make you just have to pay close attention to cutting and pinning your pattern pieces, no seriously this is the type of fabric that moves faster than Severus Snape confronted with a bar of soap.

I'm really going for the tucked in style at the moment I seem to be tucking everything in, not sure why? Maybe its because its getting colder and my mum always tucked me in when it was cold so I wouldn't get a cold tummy?

I really should have ironed this at some point but I was so terrified so burning a massive hole in my work that I decided not to, I think air drying it on a hanger might help with some of the wrinkles.

All in all I really love it, I think its flattering and I like the collar, although I might attach it differently if I make it again.

The only variations I really make was marking my own buttonholes [I used the sweetest tiny mother of pearl buttons on this] and backing my collar in a lightweight cotton. I did this for two reasons , one I ran out of the spotty stuff and substitutions had to be made and secondly because I had a brainwave, you see with a cotton on the underside of the collar I can safely iron it! Without the heat having to touch the spotty fabric! GENIUS!

Not quite sure what happened with this picture? But I like it because I look creepy and stuff.

I've shown it buttoned up/down and tucked and untucked, I'm not 100% on which style I prefer to be honest.

Wow I look grumpy and tired in these pictures. Lil knitwit is still being delightfully stubborn and naughty which is tiring to say the least, there's nothing quite like getting up at seven in the morning to wake up a child, who then screams at you, because you put his sock on wrong. because I love getting up early, and walking in the cold so you can sing humpty dumpty at nursery........ alternatively maybe I should just learn the art of properly applying socks to feet.

I'm also grouchy because it became apparent that we have something else living in our shed apart from our bunny rabbit "Ronnie". I've had my suspicions but I put the scuttled noises down to things falling over or the wind. The bag of rabbit food nibbled open and the un rabbit shaped poop on the floor was slightly harder to avoid. So I spent yesterday cleaning out the shed, putting all food into sealed tins and putting down rat poison. Yes I think its a rat, they are pretty hefty poops to be a mouse. I suppose it could be a squirrel? God I hope its a squirrel, I hate rats.

Anyway our rodent suspicions were confirmed today when we saw next doors cat sat staring at our shed. all I can say is "faster kitty cat, kill, kill kill!".

I'm calling this picture "was that a rat?"

Much Love




  1. Lovely blouse and super cute buttons!

  2. Lovely blouse. It looks nice tucked in


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