Friday, 30 October 2015

Simple knit chunky scarf!!

So I've been busy! Nothing that's really portable right now but busy,! I've still not photographed my finished dress so I'll Robby do that tomorrow. I've prepped a knitting project for next week and I've started a new one today.

It's going to be a chunky knit scarf I've cast on 25 stitches and I'm just working in garter stitch on my biggest set of needles. 

I'm using my scrap chunky wools, in various colours and stuff the colours are pretty different but I think they look cute together.

I'm going for a chunky kind of slouchy look, and warm! It must be warm! 

In other news I knackeredso my night is knitting this and watching trashy tv. I might trace a few patterns tomorrow so I can get sewing next week! 

Much love 



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