Thursday, 22 October 2015

Keepsake bear

What do you buy a child for a christening? It was a question we asked ourselves before little knitwits christening and now we're asking it again. Yes there's money boxes and engraved glasses but i tend to think everybody thinks of those. So when we were invited to a christening we decided to settle on a nice book of nursery rhymes and agreed that I would make a special bear of some sort, well I said should I make something and Mr knitwit said yes and then I just went my own way! 

This is christening bear, he's hand knitted from a Debbie bliss pattern. The same one I used for my last bear (I think the patchwork effect is quite charming don't you? )

He has a heart on his nose, and one on his bum!!! 

And he has his very own blanket that has the name of the child, the date and the church stitched on. 

Obviously for privacy reasons I've not shown the whole thing! 

All in all I think he's pretty sweet ! And a perfect addition to our book! I finished him yesterday which is bad considering the christening was Sunday! However we couldn't make it in the end so I was glad to have the extra time to add some extra touches! And it can be sent along with various family members so I'm sure the little one will receive it , even if it's a bit late! 

Although it did just dawn on me that this post might ruin the surprise! Should one of the parents read it! DOH! 

In other news a cracking headache stopped me blogging this last night but I have plans to get back into the swing of things this evening. I'm in dire need of another pair of pj bottoms so they are first on the agenda then I thought I might trace some patterns and try and get some cutting out done! I find if things are ready to go im more inspired to sew! HEY! That's practically a limerick! 

Much love

Frankie xxx


  1. He's adorable! The Debbie Bliss Teddy pattern is my go to Teddy pattern, it's fantastic. I love the patchwork coloring and the blanket is a super sweet touch.

    1. Thank you I love the Debbie bliss pattern. It's so versatile!!! Even if the body instructions are a bit vague!!!!

      Thank you for reading



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