Monday, 12 October 2015

Bargain pinking shears

I've been looking for a new pair of pinking shears for a while now. I do already own a pair but they were my grandmas and over time they've gotten pretty blunt (it may or may not be the fault of a very young Frankie who might have used them on paper once, or twice )

Also they were weighty and I mean it hurt to use them! So I decided to put my birthday money to good use and buy myself a pair. 

I'm not gonna lie they were cheap , I mean £3.17 is pretty darn good. I ordered from Amazon and I was worried they were going to be awful but I was so surprised when they turned out to be brilliant! I mean seriously it's like cutting butter! Not that I would ever put my precious fabric scissors near butter. 

I could link to the item on my phone so I've done a screen grab. 

Here they are next to my old hefty ones, which I'm still going to keep because I'm a sentimental fool. 

In other news little knitwit has developed yet another cough. I'm not quite sure how he does it ? He's been wearing a vest since the end of September and I always make him eat his vegetables. I think the next step is a trip to the doctors to see if it's asthma related. Although the idea of having to try and book an appointment brings me out in hives! Is anyone else's doctor harder to cath than smoke? Mines always bloody busy "Would you like an appointment in two weeks?" - "no id like one now whilst I am actually ill " 

But I think that's enough grumbling for one day.... 

Much love 



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