Sunday, 11 October 2015

Taking a knitting break

I'm slightly weird when I take a break from my serious knitting, I usually cast on something else. 

This week I've put down my pretty labour intensive miette cardigan (my phone kept a writing mistress then, not sure why? I'm don't think dominatrix wear cardigans) in favour of something lighter. I was getting to the point where all I could see were letters and they made no sense. so time to stop , but I know I'll pick it back up when I've finished my new project. 

I'm making a colour blocked knitted bear out of some stray wools I have, and I even have a recipient in mind. Assuming that is that I can get it finished. 

Heres a small drawing I did of how I want him to look. I'm so glad my art a level hasn't been wasted. 

Luckily it's coming together quite nicely the first time I made this bear was when I was reviewing the wool from little lamb wool. From what I can remember I finished it pretty fast and it turned out super cute. 

So far I've knit both of the body pieces and made a start on the head which isn't too bad to say I was also watching keeping up with the kardashians. Don't judge me I love trashy telly! And you just don't get awesome comments like these from intellectual documentaries!


I love kris Jenner I have no idea why because as a person she seems pretty deplorable, in fact I'd say most of them have questionable morals.... But.... They do wear fabulous clothes! 

I feel like I might NEED a pleated leather skirt in my life...

Much love


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