Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Miette Cardigan

I'm going to take the plunge and knit myself a cardigan. No im being serious ive got wool and needles and everything!

Im going to make the miette cardigan by andi Sutterlund Mainly becuase a lot of bloggers have made it, so it seems quite popular, its meant to be fairly easy and its super cute!!!

I did have to get needles and wool though so i used my hobbycraft voucher!

One massive ball of wool! and two scary sets of needles!

Staring with the needles, I didnt have any of these so obviously i had to invest! hopefully ill be able to knit this competently so then i can progress to some of her more complicated patterns, which i think also use this type of needle!

The wool is a womens institute aran thats exclusive to hobbycraft, I was meant to buy the grey [becuase grey goes with everything] but this purple slipped into my basket! and im glad it did! sometimes you just have to take the plunge and inject some colour into your life! theres 1000m in a ball so it should be more than enough! i just hope i dont screw up too badly. althought at 10 pound a ball i didnt think it was too expensive, i mean its not cheap but its a nice wool.

pattern wise its a top down pattern, im still not 100% what that means but i have nanny on standby for any queries!

right im off to cast on before i bottle it!

much love



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