Monday, 19 October 2015

Disappearing 9 patch quilt top

So Ive been feeling a little under the weather today , i think its a combination of the weather changing and being very tired. so I'm putting my grumpy glumness down to the winter blues.

So today i needed an easy finish to perk me up, Ive had this squares cut for the past few days with the intention of doing a basic nine patch quilt. However the idea of doing another square quilt bored me to tears so i sewed them up in blocks of nice and then turned them into a disappearing nine patch block. Ive got to admit its not my favourite quilting techniques but Ive never used it before so i guess it was an experience.

I had to add the sashing in to make it look more cohesive, luckily i had just enough fabric in my stash, that was also in a corresponding colour.

Isn't the owl fabric adorable? i got it for my birthday and its by the craft cotton company. 

The idea of this project was to always have a boys and girls quilt top in the house ready for any babies that might pop out [not ours obviously]. and since my girls one was already done i thought i better crack on with this one.

All in all i think its cute, I'm not sure ill do a disappearing nine patch again. But i like that i was able to stretch my quilting ability. I think the disappearing nine patch might look better if you just used 3 fabrics rather than a mixture like i did. In fact i might try that at some point but on a smaller scale.

In other news, my knitted bear is coming along nicely, I'm hoping to finish that tonight and I'm finally managing to get my head around the way that the burda style magazine and pattern sheets work. Ive got a couple of ideas of things id like to make including a new pair of pj bottoms. I like to have a few pairs of PJ's bottoms in my draw, mainly because i own a small child and therefore i get snotted on/ sneezed on/ spilled on multiple times a day.

I'm also thinking of biting the bullet and trying to make my Velvet suit soon although there is a princess seamed dress i want to make, so it might have to wait a little while. Ive also still got to schedule my fabric shopping trip with my mum although it might have to wait until I'm feeling a little better. 

In slightly bigger news Ive joined the fold line which from what i can gather is a sort of sewing based twitter/facebook/instagram and blogger all rolled into one delicious package. So if your also a member of the fold line ! Hit me up with a Friend request!!!  I'm also looking forward to seeing how the pattern review feature is going to work, especially since i have it on good authority that they are planning on adding pattern books like the gbsb at some point in the future.

Much Love


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