Thursday, 15 October 2015

Preparing For Halloween

I'm a firm believe that you should start talking about Christmas until Halloween is over. And i love Halloween! No seriously i think i trick or treated until i was about 13 and after that i took my niece and nephew and now i take lil knitwit. In fact i love Halloween so much we considered having a Halloween wedding, complete with red roses and scary movie centre pieces. However i read somewhere that if you marry of all hallows eve your marriage will be plagued by the ghosts of your mistakes.

and trust me i don't want none of my mistakes following me around.

But anyway i love Halloween and i love dressing up, so this year i decided to make myself a Halloween dress to go trick or treating in! [lil knitwit is going to be a vampire!]

So without further ado! [by the i know this is super early but i think this kind of dress is perfect for people who want to wear something halloweeny bu don't necessarily want to dress up.]

So the dress is the lilou pattern from love at first stitch, which i can nearly make in my sleep. Theres not really much to say about it that Ive not already said, I love the pattern and i think its perfect for displaying fun prints and fabrics.

a quick word on the zip, I used the same technique i used for my grown up dress and it turned out pretty good even if i did have to unpick and re stitch the lining twice because my stitches were getting trapped in the zip.

Skirt wise i was tempted to do a gathered one again, but the idea of gathering all that fabric made me want to scream so instead i did a series of pleats about an inch and a half wide [which i didn't measure, at all, because I'm a rebel and stuff]

By the way , like my makeup? i thought id get into the Halloween spirit of this post by making myself look like a sugar skull. it took about 15 minutes to do and about an hour to take off. in fact i did my makeup before dinner and Mr knitwit was crying with laughter when i had to eat my dinner wearing it!

I got the fabric for this dress from abakhans, and was reliably informed by the girl on the till that it was very popular that day, in fact she'd brought some herself. The print is by Alexander Henry and is called "crafty cavalearas" or something like that.

The print includes fun things like sugar skull pumpkins and skeletons and skulls and stuff. Its a very Gothic and fun print. and because of the scale and the busyness of the print i didn't bother pattern matching.


its actually this print but in a plum colour.

All in all i love it! and although i said its for Halloween i can see myself wearing it a lot!!!

However i might tone down the makeup for Halloween i don't want to make lil knitwit cry or big knitwit for that matter!

Much Love




  1. Super cool! Great dress, that fabric is ideal for it. And I had to have a giggle about the eye makeup - I imagine you looked more like a cried out panda bear for the hour that it took to get it off...

    1. Yes I definitely looked like a panda! But the super evil badass kind right? X


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