Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blue velvet GBSB Shift dress

After the success of my first GBSB Shift dress I decided to make another and finally cut into my blue velvet!

Okay so my pictures came out in a weird order and I'm far to lazy to fix it, so here's the back I used a shorter zip than the pattern called for so its half zip and half cool button feature. I think it looks cute I made my loops using a needle and thread technique that's also used on the basic shell top. The only down side is you can see my bra but it doesn't bother me a huge amount . Although I did remove it for the purpose of this post.

I still like the shape and I think the hem length on this is good, i could go a little shorter but I'm not a huge fan of showing my pants anymore.

I faced the neckline using scraps from my Halloween dress which means the inside has a secret creepy agenda which is awesome in so many ways! i also stitched the facings to the seams where i could to stop them flicking up. usually i just top stitch and be done with it but i wanted a really RTW finish.

Here's the back again, the buttons are vintage and either came from my mum via a charity shop or my neighbour? I'm not sure but i like the vintage feel they give to the garment.

Fabric wise i used some of my blue velvet, it was a good project to see how the fabric works, i learnt that it sheds like a mother and frays on the edges and shifts faster than usian bolt. i think its something to do with the nap of the fabric because it only did it on certain angles, in fact the princess seams were easier to do than the back seam. But i used my new walking foot and although its really loud it seemed to help with the shifting problem [I'm now really looking forward to using it for quilting!]

Incidentally for those who haven't gathered this is the dress i got stuck in in this post.

All in all I'm very pleased with how its turned out, It fits well and i find it very flattering. And I like that the skirt isn't overall fitted the slight Aline makes it more comfotable.

I actually wore this on Thursday for taking lil knitwit to nursery and then going to swimming and MacDonald's as a special treat. Lil knitwit has been very well behaved this week so we thought he deserved some spoiling.

In other news Lil knitwit is now the very proud owner of his own fish tank as a reward for doing so well with his toilet training. would you belive that he now goes for his nap without a pull up on? and he gets a sticker if he wakes up dry! or trys a new food! basically stickers are like crack in our house!

Annnnnnnd today we adopted a hamster, Sandy is a small syrian hamster who hadn't been sold so had been put up for adoption and surprisingly enough it wasn't me who fell In love with her it was mr knitwit!

Soft git

Much love


P.s yes this does now bring our animal count to 
1 hamster
1 rabbit
tropical fish
2 guinea pigs


  1. Very nice it looks awesome love the save you made with the buttons it adds a nice touch. Doesn't matter if you can see your bra strap just make sure it's a nice bra.

  2. Looks super!! Btw I think if you put tissue paper on velvet it helps the slippage issue when sewing. I did velvet curtains many years ago and nearly tore my hair out and I vaguely remember finding out about using paper on the velvet X X


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