Thursday, 1 January 2015

New year!

New year! New me! I'm changing everything about myself as of that last chime of midnight!

Nah I'm joking, I'm pretty darned awesome so I think I might just make some alterations! 

1- knit more, it's stupidly relaxing and it stocks my etsy shop! 

2- sew more! I'm enjoying sewing clothes so much! In fact I recently brought some fabric with my Christmas money! 

This is a check print polycotton from Minerva fabrics!

And this is a blue bengaline stretch suiting also from Minerva fabrics! (And apparently it does like to be photographed!) 

3- be more organised! I actually started this already! I've cleared out our loft and given it a good sort! (6 bin bags if rubbish! Not even stuff we don't need just rubbish!) I did find some gems

A lil book on quilting quotes! 

Leather elbow patches!

Vintage reproduction postcards and a neat vanity case! 

Sewing patterns!

4- run more, not to get fit just to de stress!

5- make more cake, I like cake and I like to eat it. Win win!

6- do more craft fairs! 

7- be awesome 100% of the time! (I'm currently working at like 95%) 

Have you got any New Years resolutions?

Much love



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