Thursday, 29 January 2015

Shortened Delphine skirt

So I finally got around to shortening my delphine skirt from love at first stitch! And I'm now happy to report that I no longer feel like a librarian when I wear it! 

I'm still having some fit issues at the waist but it's just so nicely done on the inside that I don't want to ruin it! 

I've also managed to find a black three quarte length sleeve top to wear with it so I'm nice and toasty for winter! 

Those of you who read this blog may remember that I used the very last of my grandad Robert fabric! How lucky is it that this pattern only requires one metre of fabric! I thought the brown was quite grandpa but I love it now! 

Much love


P.s why does it always take me longer to alter a garment than to actually make it? 


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  1. Mine turned out the same at waist - did you want work out how to alter it?


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